Work Research Centre Limited (WRC), Ireland

Work Research Centre is a recognised national and international centre of excellence in policy-oriented research in a variety of social and socio-economic fields. In health and social services WRC have a major interest and accumulation of expertise and experience in telecare / telehealth. Recent EU studies include:
• SATS study for (then) DG13 of the EC on universal service in telecommunications and how this may apply to healthcare establishments and processes (2000-2001).
• Study on demographic ageing and ICTs for DG Employment & Social Affairs - ICTs in support of the health needs of an ageing population, especially telecare and telehealth (2004-2005)
• Current study for DG Information Society on issues affecting the deployment and take-up of ICTs to support 'ageing well'; one core focus is on home telehealth services, including analysis of ethical/regulatory aspects (including industry, professional)