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Innovationcenter in Housing for Adapted Movement (IN-HAM), Belgium

In-HAM is a non profit-initiative of a number of partners that are active in relation to the needs of disabled people. Partners group around the Dienstencentrum Gi(d)ts; the BBRI (Belgian Building Research Institute); the BCDI (Belgian Centre for Domotics and Immotics) and IMEC vzw (Interuniversitair Micro-ElectronicaCentrum). A key focus is the interface between elderly and disabled people, the buildings and technologies they use and the supply sector industry. A primary objective is to promote independent living. Importantly In-HAM links with a large number of disabled people (who are registered with the project) and enables them to test technologies. The In-HAM building offers 3 ‘living labs’ where disabled or elderly people can stay for a period. They are, with the benefit of expert advisors (including occupational therapists) able to test the merits of different technologies, sensors and communications devices. These can then be replicated in their own home.