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ApertTech Informatics Ltd., Hungary

Apertech is an IT systems designer for tele-medical and related systems. It was formed from the former research and development department of a large IT corporation. Staff have wide expertise embracing software development, performance monitoring, systems integration, access management, robotics, information management and the use of GPRS. A number of high-tech projects have been implemented by the company. Apertech is currently involved in the development of a wrist worn device for monitoring the wearer's health. Their sister companies Thor Medical Systems and DiaChem provide (respectively) home care appliances and tele-medical gateways involving vital signs monitoring and video consultations; and biochemical testing in the home. Apertech is a regular partner in University led research projects and works with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest, and the Szeged University of Medicine.