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Telecare Services Association (TSA), United Kingdom

The Telecare Services Association represents the telecare and telehealth industry in the United Kingdom and beyond. It has 341 members from (mainly) the service, supply and commissioner sectors and operates a Code of Practice for Telecare. Telecare developments in the UK have been supported by the government as part of its endeavours to support people at home and to modernise health services. The Code of Practice provides an important benchmark for service standards that is increasingly safeguarding vulnerable people (including those with chronic conditions, at risk of falls, with complex medication regimes, etc. Some 130 organisations are now accredited to the Code (and have been audited in respect of the same). The TSA experience in developing the Code of Practice for Telecare and the exploration of key parameters will be an important reference point for the project. Work towards this Code carried the support of different government agencies in the UK.