Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute (SSTRI-BAS), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

SSTRI-BAS was created in 2010 by joining the former Institute for Space Research and Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Influences. This is the largest national centre for fundamental research in the field of space and solar-terrestrial physics, astrophysics, image processing, remote sensing, space biology, in situ and remote investigation of planets and interplanetary space, environmental effects on health and Telemedicine/eHealth. The institute participates in extreme amount of space experiments, including development of instruments, data processing, analyses and interpretation of data for international space projects at satellites, rockets and at International Space Station (ISS). Its main objective is to apply the results from the fundamental studies into technology innovations. Via its eHealth and Heliobiology group SSTRI-BAS is engaged in more market oriented projects in the area of healthcare and health promotion.